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Thats Me Mohnish Soni is a 8th grade student at Iroquois Community School located in Des Plaines, Illinois. He is an energized entrepreneur who wants to make snack time healthier which is why he decided to launch Chikki Bar as a sole-proprietorship business with the help of Young Entrepreneurs Academy, which he was enrolled in since the age of 12.


Chikki Bar is a concept that originated with a family recipe. Mohnish’s grandmother would make these small bars or sometimes round shaped balls using peanuts, sesame seeds, and jaggery. The taste would be so yummy he couldn’t stop eating these. Most of all his parents never stopped him from eating these as they did candy bars. Mohnish thought this is something everyone would love. Mohnish wanted to learn how to make these so he spent time with Grandmother learning. He was surprised to learn that these snacks were made with so few ingredients that were natural with health benefits. There were no food colorings, no preservatives, and no chemicals. Being a vegetarian all his life, Mohnish has the habit of reading the ingredients label before purchasing anything. He noticed that he had no idea what many of the ingredients on the package were and most of them he couldn’t pronounce. This is what led Mohnish to launch Chikki Bar.